Lot No. BR80594 / Type A-2 “ORDER No. 42-18775-P BUZZ RICKSON CLO. CO.”

TEXT: バズリクソンズ企画総括 亀屋康弘(YASUHIRO KAMEYA)








Type A-2 “ORDER No. 42-18775-P BUZZ RICKSON CLO. CO.”






Lot No. BR80594 / Type A-2 “ORDER No. 42-18775-P BUZZ RICKSON CLO. CO.”


PRICE : ¥184,800(税込)

SIZE : 36,38,40,42,44


page5image50416832MATERIAL : Bronco Hide

TANNING : Vegetable
FINISH : Pigment
FASTENER : Talon Mil Spacs Nickel Finished
NECK HOOK : Solid Brass Chrome Finished
SNAP BUTTON : U.S. Government Department of Defense Specs.

LABEL : Buzz Rickson Clo. Co.



This jacket is the final model of the sixth contract worked on by Aero Leather Clothing, which began its business as an A-2 contractor in the late 1930s. Among the many A-2 contractors, Aero Leather’s jackets boast outstanding ease of wear, which is due to the fact that the left and right sides of the body are made from separate patterns, just like ordinary clothing, such that the center of the body is aligned and the detail of the collar stand is omitted. The brick-red knit parts, commonly called “red ribs,” on this A-2 contrast beautifully with the dark seal brown of the body to create one of the most popular A-2 models. The leather is Italian rawhide tanned slowly over time by soaking it in a basin with tannin extracted from tree barks, while adjusting the concentration. The base leather is dyed in a color that is as close as possible to the raw material of the tannin solution, using a technique called pigment finishing. This brings out the beautiful texture of horsehide, and this jacket can also withstand the elements.